This Friday in Nazareth: The Political Leaders of the Arab Population are taking part in The Legal Status conference of the Arab Community, organized by Mossawa Center

Date: 2019/03/14
The Legal Status Conference discusses how the dissolution of the Joint List will transfer political power to the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel as the only unified ‎national leadership for Arabs.

For the first time since the dissolution of the Joint List, representatives of the four political parties ‎headed by the Palestinian Arab minority in the Knesset will sit on one platform to discuss the ‎political future of the Arab community. In addition to the candidates, a group of researchers, including Amal Nasasra (director of the Sidra Association), Ilan Pappe (historian and lecturer at the University of Exeter, UK), ‎Manar Mahmoud (Ph.D. in political science and a specialist in political theory and constitutional theory ‎at Tel Aviv University),  Honaida Ghanem (Director of Madar research center will discuss the economic and political status of the Arab minority from their expertise.

The political parties will be represented by MK lawyer Ayman Odeh (head of the Democratic Front for ‎Peace and Equality, Hadash), Dr. Heba Yazbek  (candidate of the National Democratic Council, Balad), ‎lawyer Osama Al-Saadi (candidate of the Arab movement for Change, Ta’al), Dr. Mansour Abbas (Vice ‎President of the Islamic Movement and Chairman of the United Arab List, Ra’am). The session will be ‎chaired by Mustafa Shalata.‎

The dissolution of the Joint List has far reaching implications on the ‎internal and external relations of Arab population particularly because it renders the High Follow Up Committee the only unified political body representing Arab Citizens of Israel. In addition to transforming the political climate within Israel, this new reality will also impact the reception of the Arab political leadership in international circles. The conference on the Legal Status of the Arab ‎Community will address this issue during Friday's session in Nazareth.‎


The status of the High Follow-up Committee as the united leadership in light of the ‎fragmentation of the Joint List will have an impact in the future on the relationship of the Arab ‎community with the rest of the Palestinian people, other Arab countries, and the world.

Since the formation ‎of the joint list, the world has treated it as the leadership of the Arab citizens and ‎considered the merger as unified national leadership for Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. Following the fragmentation of the Joint List, the ‎High Follow-up Committee of Arabs has redirected the political power of Arabs. Consequently, the Israeli political parties and the Committee of Heads of Local ‎Authorities will have to provide it with the necessary resources to serve as a central command for the ‎Arab population.‎

Dr. Ilan Pappe will address the impact of the Israeli government's policies on the two-state solution ‎and the status of the Palestinian Arab community within Israel at the Annual Legal Status Conference at the Nazareth Bar Association on March 15th.

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